My work is based on creating curved forms, which focus on creating a sense of controlled movement within both the form and surface of the objects, which reveals itself through the colour, texture and arrangement of the pieces. These curves are controlled in the sense that they are more formal in their shape, contained and not overly expressive, they comment on process and reference tactile objects and architecture. 

The pieces themselves look at the relationship between the inner and outer surface of the forms and the role the rim plays in inviting the viewers eye around the curves. To me the rim or space between the surfaces acts as a defining factor in shaping the curved areas, creating depth and giving weight to the pieces. The rim being the point of separation and or meeting. 

In developing my work, process has become an important area of interest in both the development of the forms and also in understanding the way in which it reveals itself in the pieces. I have drawn upon various materials and processes in order to develop my work such as plaster carving, slip casting, hand building, digital sculpting etc. Taking layers of information from 2D work and 3D work, and looking at the way in which it manifested itself in another medium, and what information gets carried through or lost in the process.